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The Sydney Port Access Road (SPAR) was announced July 3, 2002 at a meeting held on the Sydney Steel Site as part of the EDM Land Use Report. SPAR is a joint effort by SYSCO, Nova Scotia Power and the CBRM with the support of JAG, Burnac Corporation and the Nova Scotia Transportation and Public Works Department.

The SPAR travels a distance of 5.2 km from the intersection of the 125 highway and Grand Lake Road to the former Devco Piers (with access to the Sysco Piers as well). Dan MacDonald of CBCL Engineering was the project manager and Riverside Developments of Sydney was the main contractor of the project.

Slag from the Sydney Steel site was used as the main aggregate for the SPAR. Over 160,000 tons of slag was used during the construction period.

The SPAR will see the removal of coal trucks off Grand Lake Road and eventually the removal of garbage trucks off Welton Street. In addition, access to the Pier community will be developed so that Lingan Road will be accessible off the SPAR road.

It is important to note that SPAR will be used for coal trucks as of January 2003, these trucks will not be new traffic at the 125 highway but rerouted traffic. In all the road has had a very positive impact on the community.

The SPAR was officially opened at 2pm on January 14, 2005.


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