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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2003-04 (continued)

Strategic Goals -

  1. Fulfill all responsibilities stated for the wind-up of Sysco and treat workers fairly, seek the best return on the assets, pursue clean up and chart a new plan for the future of the site.
  2. Remediate the site for future uses.
  3. Redevelop the Sysco site into a premier industrial park, providing business, recreation and other opportunities to the communities of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
  4. Work with the community as partners on future directions and opportunities.
  5. Attempt to maximize financial returns to the shareholder from the sale of scrap steel, the sale of slag, leasing of property and overall good financial management.
  6. Promote sound occupational health and safety policies and practices.

Core Business Areas -

  1. Demolition
  2. Development strategy and physical master plan for the site
  3. Liquidation and sale of major equipment and scrap
  4. Redevelopment of the site
  5. Environmental remediation—Phase II assessments of priority areas
  6. Efforts to attract new business opportunities to the site

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