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Sydney Steel Corporation
Business Plan


Sydney Steel Corporation Business Plan 2003-04 (continued)

Remediation -Sysco is committed to cleaning up the former steel plant property, so the site can be put to good use in the future. Money has been budgeted and progress is taking place. Overall, Sysco is taking a phased approach to remediation, based on future uses for the site.
This past year, a key step in the remediation process was completed -- a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, outlining potential environmental issues. The assessment consists of three main activities: interviews with knowledgeable individuals, site reconnaissance, and a review of historical site information. The final report notes that the issues identified are typical of those associated with industrial demolition and redevelopment projects, and can be addressed using conventional site assessment, remediation, site management, waste management and demolition methods.
For the purposes of the environmental assessment, the property is divided into four zones based on historic land use and industrial activities. The four zones include the steel production area, the mills area, the production support area and the infilled lands. The study further subdivided the property into 36 Site Classification Units (SCUs) in order to facilitate the discussion of environmental issues and to assist with future land use planning.
The approach of identifying future use and tailoring the clean up to match that re-use strategy is a common characteristic of many successful clean up and re-use projects. The nature of future land uses will ultimately help define and shape the type of clean up required. For example, clean up requirements would be quite different for recreational green space than they would for industrial re-use. Overall, this linkage will provide focus and direction to the clean up efforts.
Currently, a project plan is being developed to address the 13 recommendations contained in the Phase I report. As well, a project manager for Phase II work was selected in the Fall of 2002 and work is now underway.

The Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is intended to further investigate specific issues. Several areas of the site have been identified as requiring this level of assessment. These include the former Sysco landfill (including the high dump), the area adjacent to Muggah Creek and the Tar Pond, and the Sysco sewers. Moving expeditiously towards a better understanding and characterization of these areas will help identify any additional issues with respect to the re-development of these properties.

Sale of Scrap Steel - Sysco has also had success with the sale of scrap steel. To date more than 100,000 tonnes have been sold.

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